is showcase for handmade folk art, furniture and fine crafts by American artists. It is also a professional promotional vehicle for those artists and craftsmen. It distinguishes itself not only in its presentation and quality standards, but by its dedication to success and attention to its members.

"I've had galleries, interior designers, and most important of all, my licensing agent find me on My work is now featured on puzzles, greeting cards, and calendars that are sold world-wide." - Bonnie White
"Old House Interiors magazine discovered me on I was featured in the December 2011 edition on their Furnishing page that include a photo, description of my work and contact information." - Lois Clarkson
I felt my inclusion on gave me a distinctly valuable affiliation that was meaningful to buyers from Polo Ralph Lauren and private collectors who not only got me when they purchased a rug, but also got the added benefit of me being in such good company. It all works together for me - no one advantage or opportunity works as well on its own as it does when it's connected to other influential things. - Annie Hayes

Strength in numbers plays an important role in being a part of a gallery website. When one artist is found via a search, most often every member of the site benefits. By joining you'll be exposed to a broader audience of collectors who are using the internet with increasing frequency to search for art, crafts, handmade furniture and other related objects. You'll also be a part of a monthly email promotion, something that most artists simply do not have the time to create and manage on their own.

"I love that I have an opportunity to view handmade folkart that I would never be able to purchase or see firsthand in my area of the country." - K. Tarazoff
"I think your website is great. As a freelance creative director and graphic designer for over 25 years I think the site is beautiful, very easy to navigate, not cluttered as most are and very informative. I love folk art and that it is handcrafted by artists in America. Keep up the good work." - K. Kane
"I love your website and find the art showcased is incredible. Keep them coming!" - A. Poole
"I like your web-site very much. I found it to be easy to use, like the artist bio. Overall I would give your site a 10 rating with 10 being the highest." - J. Pose
"Honestly I love your website; I think you have covered it all! Thanks for being there for us that love the American Artists!" - C. Hiller



Inclusion in this site will be by invitation or jury selection. Artists' work will be judged on presentation, professionalism of design, execution of work, originality and level of artistry. Acceptable media categories include basketry, ceramics, chalkware, decorative fiber, furniture, glass, jewelry, leather, metal, mixed media, painting, paper, photography, wearable art, and wood. We do not accept applications from dried or silk flowers, items made from kits, or embellished commercially-made objects. All items must be hand made by the applicant. Molded items are unacceptable unless the artist conceived and created the original work, created the mold, and also finishes the reproductions. Upon receipt of your application, your work will be reviewed via your website. To complete the application process you may be required to submit images depending upon your website's image sizes or quality, or if you do not currently have a website.


Submitted images should be uncompressed jpeg files showing the art work at least 1200 pixels wide and high, up to 5MB per file. All work shown in the submitted images and displayed on the site must be original, unless you are making historical reproductions.

Submitted images must be professional in appearance and should reflect your best work. presents art works in a gallery type of presentation - plain backgrounds of a single or gradient color. Please do not send "snapshots", or images with distracting shadows or backgrounds. If you have good quality images but need to remove the background, there are online services that can perform that work at very reasonable rates. Submitted images requiring graphic work to be made site ready may incur charges. Please review our website prior to sending your images. If they are not of the same quality consider hiring someone to shoot your work.

SITE PROMOTION is a promotional tool that benefits from the numbers of artists involved. The use of website links being the most important tool at our disposal requires that members with a website provide a visible and clickable link to Credible links such as this are a major factor in attaining high search engine rankings. The link must be functional and also easily accessible - do not bury it in an out of the way location. Your page on the site cannot be posted until the link has been established.


A percentage of your membership fee will be used for advertising. We are targeting internet customers through the use of daily Google Ads.


A Stats page is available to view the site's total hits, hits to your page, pop-up images, and website link. No guarantees are being made that your individual site will get traffic, but the opportunity presents itself by your inclusion on the site. Individual artists pages have averaged five hundred views per month and sixty visits to their website monthly.


Upon receipt of payment and images I will begin work on your artist page. It can typically be completed and launched at the beginning of the next month providing that I have all of the required materials and you respond to my emails during this period. Your one year membership will begin upon launching your page or within 30 days of receipt of your payment, whichever occurs first.

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