• /folkart/xl/spare_hands_hrOvVIjXKaMTc.jpg,1100,800,'Spare Set of Hands'
    Spare Set of Hands by Mary Michael Shelley
  • /folkart/xl/jasminebanks_jAHrWbcRCngBY.jpg,1100,572,'carving3'
    carving3 by K. William Kautz
  • /folkart/xl/noyes_spirit_of_america_bqTYjFBfEKtcM.jpg,1100,1034,'Spirit of America'
    Spirit of America by Don Noyes
  • /folkart/xl/waitress_icon_9_big_plate_DUJatBfMrkQLs.jpg,722,900,'Waitress Icon #9, Big Plate'
    Waitress Icon #9, Big Plate by Mary Michael Shelley
  • /folkart/xl/circus_elephant_tgLQysdnqZvPN.jpg,1100,849,'Circus Elephant'
    Circus Elephant by Paige & Larry Koosed
  • /folkart/xl/strawser_boxes_asDPnfIcFhvLW.jpg,1100,688,'Tramp Art Boxes'
    Tramp Art Boxes by Timothy Strawser
  • /folkart/xl/saint_nick_came_with_a_bound_XyAgkNGJzBmbQ.jpg,631,900,'St. Nick Came In With a Bound'
    St. Nick Came In With a Bound by Vaughn Rawson
  • /folkart/xl/larry_koosed_golden_eagle_AVaYJTtHKpyPS.jpg,870,900,'Golden Eagle'
    Golden Eagle by Paige & Larry Koosed
  • /folkart/xl/jac_horse_VDXgyqHtxfELQ.jpg,1070,1000,'Horse'
  • /folkart/xl/fishing_grandpa_pKkvGJTDfrdXx.jpg,767,900,'Grandpa'
    Grandpa by Peter Bretz
  • /folkart/xl/bundleofjoy_FnxrJszmyfPAd.jpg,648,900,'Bundle of Joy'
    Bundle of Joy by Ed Pribyl
  • /folkart/xl/blackholeshelf_btGZhAfJDsWjp.jpg,633,900,'Black Hole Shelf'
    Black Hole Shelf by Tom Douglass
  • /folkart/xl/indian_weathervane_tynOANkfdQFJb.jpg,900,900,'Indian Weathervane Circa 19th Century'
    Indian Weathervane Circa 19th Century by Steve Hazlett
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Peter Bretz - American Chestnut Carvings Don Noyes - Whimsical Bird Carvings
Tom Douglass - Relief Carving Ed Pribyl - Americana Woodcarvings
Steve Hazlett - Primitive Folk Art Carvings Vaughn Rawson - Holiday Carvings
Jac & Tricia Johnson - Decoys, Original folk art Mary Michael Shelley - Carved & painted pictures
K. William Kautz - Folk Art Carvings Timothy Strawser - Tramp Art
Paige & Larry Koosed - American Folk Art
From classic decoys and cigar store indians to pipe boxes and canes, carving thrives as a pillar of American folk art.
type: figures and figureheads, decoys, trade signs, weathervanes and whirligigs, pulltoys and Noah's arks, boxes and canes, scrimshaw, cookie molds, spoon racks and butter prints.
technique: whittling, knife carving, chip carving, chisel & mallet, power carving, relief carving

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