• /folkart/xl/a_single_rose_jEJOXFbAZSawq.jpg,713,900,'A Single Rose'
    A Single Rose by Peter Bretz
  • /folkart/xl/washington_on_horse_XgkBJvrdFwMyL.jpg,805,900,'Washington on Horse'
    Washington on Horse by Ed Pribyl
  • /folkart/xl/rosealias_new_skates_JNVhGBORWKrnY.jpg,1100,912,'Rosalita\'s New Skates'
    Rosalita's New Skates by Bonnie White
  • /folkart/xl/bald_santa_FtOyjCVKEwTSL.jpg,600,900,'Bald Santa'
    Bald Santa by Ed Pribyl
  • /folkart/xl/weshallovercome_1_WAEINGCcZhPds.jpg,1089,900,'We Shall Overcome'
    We Shall Overcome by David Schump
  • /folkart/xl/steve_hazlett_rooster_wv_ajrvXMmYBAKsO.jpg,543,900,'Rooster Weathervane'
    Rooster Weathervane by Steve Hazlett
  • /folkart/xl/folkart_painting_vHIOsjkLWprdU.jpg,1100,873,'The Birchmere'
    The Birchmere by Patricia Palermino
  • /folkart/xl/scaredy_patch_FHbcmYPZqVgvW.jpg,563,900,'Scaredy Patch'
    Scaredy Patch by Vaughn Rawson
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Peter Bretz - American Chestnut Carvings Vaughn Rawson - Holiday Carvings
Steve Hazlett - Primitive Folk Art Carvings David Schump - Tramp Art
Patricia Palermino - American Folk Art Marta Urban - Fraktur
Ed Pribyl - Americana Woodcarvings Bonnie White - Folk Art Paintings
Whether functional or whimsical, folk art pieces possess the maker's heart and hand.
style: Although often associated with three dimensional objects and sculptures, folk art encompasses a wide range of artistic forms and styles and is not restricted to any particular medium.

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