Advertising space is available for parties with a business or service either related to the arts/crafts industry or related to the content of this site. Content of the ad must be in keeping with the content and appearance of the website. We reserve the right to refuse any ad we deem not in keeping with these policies. Inclusion of any and all ads will be at our sole discretion. No animations accepted. The placement of your ad on RESOURCES page is determined by your payment date.


Display ads can contain up to 35 words of descriptive copy plus your business name and website address. All ads will use 1 image (.gif or .jpg) measuring 100 pixels wide by 130 pixels tall. The image must be of good quality. You may send a larger image and have it cropped and sized free of charge. [This does not apply to replacement images.] Changing your ad copy and/or image is $10 and must be paid in advance.


Featured Show pages include one banner image measuring 600 pixels wide by 308 pixels high featuring the show name, date and location. Text for the page includes the same info in more detail if desired, plus show description and link to the show's website. A current exhibitor list may also be listed. Included in the $60 yearly fee is one update/revision to change the show's dates and info for the following year's event.

All advertising must be paid in advance. No refunds will be given once your ad/listing has been posted. Advertising Rates and Advertising Policy are subject to change.

To be included on our shows page your show must be a juried event. Information needed to list the event: Show name, dates of the event, location of event, a short description and contact information such as website address or email address. Please use the contact page to send all of the required information, plus a link to your jurying info. Non-juried events cannot be listed. Your listing must include contact information. Sample listing:

February 24 - 26, 2012
Baltimore Convention Center
One West Pratt Street
Baltimore, MD 21201
More than 700 of the country's leading craft artists present their latest handmade work.

Upon receipt of your payment and proper materials as specified above your ad will be prepared and placed on the site, running for the length of time you've specified in Contract Length. No refunds will be given once your ad has been posted.

Contracts must be renewed 1 week prior to expiration date in order to retain your placement position on the page. Contracts not renewed in time and/or those left to expire will have "new" placement positions if the ad is reinstated.

Advertisers are provided with a stats page showing the number of hits to the ad's link. We do not guarantee nor imply traffic to the ad link and/or website, or the number of hits to our Resources page. can not be held liable for any damages or consequences that might result to advertisers or third parties for the content of any ad presented on this site.

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