Featured Artist in May 2015
You Ain't No Spring Chicken Anymore!

6"L x 10"H x 1.5"D
A limited series of 25

For this limited edition project, I started by picking out the pieces of wood from my stockpile. I recycle 100-year-old heart pine boards salvaged from old barns and fallen outbuildings, mainly from upstate NY. The wood is labeled and stacked together from were it was found and the year of the wood. The last batch of wood I got was from a 95-year-old farmer from Bath, NY whose 1895 barn had fallen down. He was so happy and smiling to know the old barn wood would breath new life again into something farm related, a chicken weathervane of course.

I start by sketching the design on the wood, rough cut the piece, then shape it, piece it together and paint it. I also incorporate antique copper, tin and iron into my work. Various tools used to handcraft each piece include chisels, draw knives, handsaws and carving knives.

Buttermilk paint is the most accurate historical choice for completing my objects. I try to reproduce an as-found original interpretation of the object by applying the buttermilk paint in numerous layers and then using techniques to age the finish and cause discoloration, yellowing and the accumulation of surface dirt and embedded grime on the object. Some pieces take up to 6 months to create to get the surface and look I am looking for.

I hallmark all my pieces,To assure that my pieces are not passed off as antique originals. When the pieces are completely finished, I make a museum mount for display purposes.


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