Time flies and things change. February 2017 was the last month for the full american-artists.com website. When the site started in 2004, there were close to fifty paying members (artists). Over the years, membership declined for various reasons. Sadly, it reached the point where there were too few members to present, and so the site is no longer going to be updated. One section of the site, the "Featured Artist" pages, remains online for your enjoyment.

Since its start in 2004, this website presented some of this country's best artists and their exceptional traditional and contemporary works in a variety of media. I hope it was as exciting for you as it was for me, discovering new artists, especially those who crossed borders and expanded boundaries in their interpretations.

I'd like to thank everyone who supported our website and the artists represented during our thirteen years online. Although it presented its challenges, it was great to showcase the following artists and the expression of their passions:

Kate Adams, Diane Allison-Stroud, Sharon Ascherl, Tish Bachleda, Michel Bayne, Stacey Bear, Dennis Belanger, Peter Bretz, Judith Brinckerhoff, Mary Calehuff, Pat Castka, Lois Clarkson, Dan & Marlene Coble, Lori Ann Corelis, Morna Crites-Moore, Lawrence Crossan, Pamela Dalton, Susan Daul, Joe DeLuca, Tom Douglass, Barbara Dull, Don Felix, Kitty Forseth, Ron Geering, Annie B. Giblin, Marie-Helene Grabman, Christopher Gurshin, Annie Hayes, Steve Hazlett, Lisa Head, Lynda Susan Hennigan, Rolf Hofer, Michele Hollick, Thomas & Patricia Hooper, Shaari Horowitz, Pam & John Hults, Matthew Jacks, Debbie Jarrett, Jac & Tricia Johnson, K. William Kautz, Jonathan Kline, Teresa Kogut, Paige & Larry Koosed, D. Masters Kriebel, Brian Laurich, Christine LeFever, Lori C. Mitchell, Don Noyes, Mary Grady O'Brien, Barbara Olsen, Patricia Palermino, Johanna Parker, Susan Parris, Fred Peltier, Mary Piester, Dakota Pratt, Rick & Denise Pratt, Ed Pribyl, Tina Puckett, Kathie Ratcliffe, Vaughn & Stephanie Rawson, Janet Reid, Bryce Ritter, Ellen Robertson, Deborah G. Rogers, Davis Salks, Betsy Krieg Salm, David Schump, Cathy Shamel, Mary Michael Shelley, Nancy Shelly, Judy Shreve, Steve Smithers, Lora Soling, Carol Spence, Timothy Strawser, Lynn Taylor, Jane Theobald, Debbee Thibault, Jacquelyn Trone, Marta Urban, Nick Vincent, Bonnie White, and Jonathan & Jan Wright.

To all of the artists who were a part of this journey, I thank each and every one of you for your support, and your friendship... for your comfort, and joy.

- Bush Prisby

I will not be sending out further emails to the american-artists.com email list.