Featured Artist in August 2008
Mermaid Charger

14 1/8" diameter

This traditional charger is influenced by Pennsylvania German Fraktur art from the 18th Century. I recently have been using fractur imagery to expand the iconography I feel is appropriate for use in traditional American sgraffito redwares; combining and juxtaposing them to create a modern artistic statement.

I was inspired by Georg Friederich Speyer's wondrous mermaids and birds, John Van Minian's mystical sun, and Friederich Krebs' glorious florals. This design is rendered in sgraffito into a red clay body. The leadless glaze is colored with iron and copper oxides. This rimless charger is hump molded with a coggled edge and a traditional unglazed back. It is signed, in the clay, on the back.


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