Featured Artist in April 2013
Little Rabbit

10" x 15.5"
Hand-Dyed and As-Is Wool on Linen

I live in the Catskill Mountains in a 19th century classic revival house, so animals, flowers, farm architecture, and antiques play a big part in my everyday life. I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of the hundreds of daffodils we've planted on our property and the chance to be outdoors surrounded by trees and animals. Along with the spring flowers and birds, there will be the quiet rabbits on the yard.

I've been making rugs for almost ten years. I dye a lot of the fabric for my rugs - often setting up on my porch where the process is extremely enjoyable. I don't plan things out too much, preferring to draw directly on the linen with a Sharpie. I always know that the rug will take on a life of its own which is what makes it so much fun to do.


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