Featured Artist in April 2015
The Mighty Oak

7" wide by 8" deep by 5" high
Approximately 124 pieces of hand cut and chip carved wood have been used to create this one-of-a-kind work of art.

The oak leaf and its acorn! As a child I used to fill my pockets with acorns till they were bulging full just like a squirrels cheeks. This piece is made from a cigar box, layers of Tramp Art and real acorn caps. The focal point is a hand dyed and aged velvet "oak leaf" pin-cushion I designed and made with an antique "vegetable ivory" acorn shaped thimble holder (with the thimble inside) attached to the leaf's stem. The interior features a cigar box label on the lid and the bottom is lined with linen. I hand cut and carve each piece of wood, no power tools are used in creating my pieces. The stained finish is a custom mix I developed to help give each piece the richness and warmth of the antique pieces.


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