Featured Artist in April 2012
A Woman in a Box

28"H X 12"W X 7.5"D

A Woman In A Box ~ A woman Controlled, Manipulated and Kept in Her Place...Get out of the box! ©2011

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A functioning marionette made with Marblex and La Deau Ceramic, paint, inks, dyes, color pencil, found altered wood and metal elements, wax cord, metal canning lid, vintage glass beads and a touch of insanity from watching women squeeze into the box.

Current society places requests on a woman to stay youthful forever, sew on appendages and make unnecessary alterations in her exterior self in order to "fit in". Many women today have bowed to these unrealistic expectations of what defines beauty...Sacrificing self in the name of Hollywood. Some have become a woman in a tight box, far worse than the box of the 50's. Isn't it time to cut your strings and get out of the box...Get out of the Box...GET OUT OF THE BOX!

I make art that shares opinions, insight and the results of lessons learned in life. I hope to 'push buttons', sometimes humorous, sometimes pleasant and if need be unpleasant depending on your personal point of view. It is my hope to engage the viewer in thought by confronting issues, creating laughter, stirring emotions and looking at things that often get "swept under the carpet." You are invited to come take a voyage around "my room" with me and make the journey a discovery of self you take with you when you leave.


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